Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Baby Times! 8th Edition: Black and White

When little man was born, my girls were very curious about what he could see or how far away, etc.  I had mentioned once that babies like black and white, so my daughters picked up on this and would start looking for toys that had black and white patterns on it. Patterns having 100% contrast are the easiest for baby to see, so at first baby does prefer to look at black and white images according to research.  Below are a couple of books that my little man has been enjoying.  The first one, my six year old picked out for her baby brother!

I Kissed the Baby!
"An ideal book for little eyes and ears." -School Library Journal

Black & White
Accordian style fold out book -can stand by itself.

Resources for Free Black and White printables:


Need to sign up for free enzine to get access to free printables.

Directions and printables for making a mobile.

New research also shows that babies can see color starting around 2 weeks, so black and white isn't the only items that we should share with baby. Colorful toys can be used as well to stimulate babies eye development. I have a set of large colorful blocks that my son seems to enjoy- they are cloth with different pictures or activities on each side. He's figured out how to pick them up with his little hands because he'll pull on one of the activities. Isn't fun to watch our babies grow and change?

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By Russell D. Hamer, Ph.D.* Revised by Giuseppe Mirabella, Ph.D.

 The Baby Times! - Past editions

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Jenn @ Delicious Ambiguity said...

Cool ideas. Never heard of these books before and am looking forward to checking them out. Thanks for linking up!

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