Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fly Away with Me!

Tis the season, I guess. The season of coughs, sneezes, runny noses, and fevers. My girls have been struggling this week with bad head colds and have watched way too much TV. Even so, their creative juices are still flowing. Last night, they placed two chairs in front of a big map that I have posted on the wall. They were pretending that they were flying to different countries around the world. It was so cute hearing them pretend that they were on an airplane and talking about their adventures around the World.
"Let's fly to Spain."
"I want to go to China."

I love that they are learning Geography as they play. Geography hasn't always been one of my favorite subjects, so I try to find fun ways to introduce them to other countries and cultures. If we are reading for example and the book talks about the Eiffel Tower, we venture over to our map and find France.

Well, Poor Peanut was back on the couch today with a fever. Her Pediatrician thinks that she has the flu. She did watch quite a lot of TV, but in between naps, I read few books, too.

Hoping my creative girlies are back to their normal selves soon.

Take Care,



Christy said...

I hope they are better soon. My daughter has been fighting a cold all week and we are staying in pajamas today, hoping to kick the cold out the door.

By the way, congratulations on your pregnancy. I just noticed your announcement in your "about me" section.

ParentingPink said...

Awww! I hope your girls feel better. Think I have the flu too and I'm praying my daughters don't catch it from me!

Love that you try to do creative, fun things with your daughters even when they are sick! You're such a great mom!

Btw, love your new blog design! Very cute AND pink :-)

The Activity Mom said...

I gave your blog an award. =)

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