Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hello! I haven't been around lately due to my pregnancy symptoms- having a little bit of a rough time. I'm 12 and 1/2 weeks now, so I'm hoping that things will get better soon! I'm sure my family is hoping the same. We haven't been too busy with a lot of "planned" projects, but the kids still manage to be creative and curious even while Mom is resting or trying different cures for nausea. Here's what they've been up to!

Sunshine(age 7)
-sewing clothes by hand for her baby doll.(the best that she can- fun for her, though)
-playing her keyboard- she taught herself how to play Happy Birthday, Twinkle, Twinkle, and a little bit of Beethoven she heard on tv (I think that she has some natural ability that Mom doesn't have- need to find an affordable piano teacher)
-made a Japanese Koi (she was peeking over my shoulder while I was reading The Crafty Classroom and saw the craft on there and just had to do it. Go to The Crafty Classroom for directions. Fun craft.)
-summer gymnastics- 3 hrs a week
-archery with Dad

Peanut(age 5)
-using her imagination to send her Pet shop animals, polly pockets, Thumbelina dolls, and Tinker Bell on wild adventures!
-teaching herself beginning addition: writing down math problems using her fingers and then working on memorizing them(3+3=6, etc)
-drawing maps for her animals
-making up songs and performing them for me
-fashion shows throughout the house
-planting her cherry seeds outside after she eats her cherries

Also, swimming, fishing, biking, scootering, and church camp! So far a great summer start for the girls!

Take Care! Hoping to get back into the blogging groove soon!



Preschool Playbook said...

Sometimes it can be a long three months. I so hope you are feeling better soon. Great to hear from you and all the fun things your family is doing.

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you feel better!

Colette S said...

Welcome back. I hope you'll start to feel better soon and start enjoying being pregnant.

Your little darlings are so cute and I love their interactive minds.

Lynnie said...

Hope the nausea gets better! Wish I could offer a cure for you! Your girls seem very busy. Love the bow!

Trista said...

What a fun blog! So glad to have found you on Facebook MOPS page!!

ParentingPink said...

Oh, hope you are feeling better! Love Peanut & her pet shop daughters LOVE those things too! LOL

Jenni said...

Oh congrats on your pregnancy! Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon!

smilinggreenmom said...

Oh...hope you get feeling better soon! smilinggreenmom *tweet me!

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