Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Have a POTATO Day!

Why? You ask.  Why not.  Because there is a lot of learning you can do with potatoes.  Here are some activities that I had fun sharing with little man and his one year old buddy!

1. Play hot potato.  Old but goodie.  I sat the little one on my lap and she helped me pass a ball back and forth to little man.  The giggles and squeels were awesome!

2.  One Potato, Two.  Sing a hand-rhyme.

One Potato, Two
One potato, two potato, three potato, four
Five potato, six potato, seven, potato, more
Eight potato, nine potato, ten potato, then
Let’s start over and do it again.

(pound your right fist on your left fist and then left over right- repeat to rhythm of poem)

3.  Color Mr. Potato Head or play with Mr. Potato Head toy.  Name the different parts: eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, etc.
4. Spud observations:  Take out an actual potato. 
Let your little one observe and feel the different texture of the potato. 
Talk about it and where it grows. 
What do they see on the potato? 
If they are old enough, they can draw their observations.
5. Potato Painting
I cut an old potato in half and let little man paint with it.  He enjoyed this activity.  We were focusing on the color red this week, so I gave him red paint.  Then he asked for yellow and being he asked nicely.. yellow he got. 

More ideas..

*Roll Mr. Potato Head Game and printable.
*Magnetic Mr. Potato Head with printable.
*Potato activities from Make Learning Fun.

And then we have couple of funny potato posts from this blog...

Over-baked potato!

Mr. Potato Head


Any more fun potato ideas for little ones?
Thank you to Church House Clipart for the cute potato image!

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